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Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality (IAQ) is crucial for the health and well-being of occupants in any building.
Poor IAQ can cause health problems, decrease productivity, and reduce the overall quality of life.

IAQ Real-time Monitoring

Indoor air quality monitoring is the future of healthy, smart homes and buildings. U.S. consumers consider healthy indoor air quality (IAQ) even more important after the recent Covid-19 pandemic. Indoor air quality monitoring is the process of gathering continuous data on the particles, gasses, and chemicals present in your air. The goal of collecting this data is to identify trends, spot problem areas, and make adjustments accordingly. Homeowners, building owners, facility managers, and technicians may introduce monitoring to reduce airborne disease risk, identify areas that inhibit occupant well-being, and detect anomalies like mold growth.

Residential IAQ Monitoring

Protect your property year-round with our IAQ monitoring services

It is important for property owners who go out of state for prolonged periods, such as snowbirds, and part-time residents to monitor their indoor air quality levels at all times. Monitoring indoor air quality even when properties are closed for the season is crucial in avoiding any issues that could result in costly contaminations. The best way to monitor air quality is through real-time data collection while having licensed indoor air quality professionals interpret your indoor air quality data, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

When indoor relative humidity levels are elevated and go undetected for an elongated period of time, costly mold contaminations can occur. As the center point of contact, you will be notified when an issue is detected, and what the IAQ plan of action is to rectify this issue in a timely manner. Stay one step ahead of minor HVAC system defects before they become costly. Our monitoring service allows you stress-free time away from your home, and an understanding of what your IAQ levels are at all times, even from thousands of miles away.

how we help

Our IAQ professionals will execute the proper actions to alleviate any indoor air quality issue detected.

Walker Reid Strategies will implement a data-driven strategy to help improve your system’s efficiency and help prevent the potential for costly humidity-related mold contaminations. Smart reporting provides consistent data points in real-time and is monitored 24/7/365 by licensed IAQ professionals. Enjoy the freedom of knowing that the indoor air quality inside of your home is safe at all times.

Commercial IAQ monitoring

Improve Tenant Satisfaction and Boost Productivity with Proper Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

Ask any property manager what their main concern is, and they will tell you without hesitation, TENANT SATISFACTION. Poor air quality in the workplace contributes to a decrease in worker productivity, In the U.S. 20% of workers believed air quality problems According to the EPA, poor indoor air quality in a workplace is responsible for over 10 million lost workdays per year. Employers are required by law to ensure there is an adequate supply of fresh air in enclosed areas of the workplace.

Researchers for the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention found that when humidity levels were at 23%, 70 to 77% of flu virus particles were still able to cause an infection an hour after coughing. Raising humidity levels to 43% reduced the percentage of infectious particles to just 14%. At Walker Reid we recommend 40-55% humidity levels for a healthy indoor environment. Too high humidity can cause mold growth, and too low, (as the CDC research shows) has been linked to the spread of viruses.

Our solution

Real-Time IAQ Monitoring and Mitigation with Walker Reid's Advanced Sensors

Walker Reid’s IAQ sensors continually monitor Indoor Air Quality Data in real time. We monitor particulate matter (P.M 2.5, P.M 10), temperature, relative humidity, VOC, and CO2 to ensure that indoor air quality maintains acceptable and safe levels at all times. If any of the following comfort parameters become elevated, our licensed IAQ professionals are immediately alerted so that the downward trend is recognized and the system deficiency is mitigated before costly contamination or tenant dissatisfaction occurs.